Saturday, 26 September 2015

Leg Spin Bowling - Fitness, Agility, Exercise and Strength.

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On the Forum as we come to the end of the season here in the UK we're all asking ourselves what do we need to do over the winter in order to maintain our fitness and keep things ticking over?

Well, on the forum we've got a few experts that time to time look in and give us some really good ideas and guidance. Just of late two of the experts Liz Ward and Tony Mowles have both pointed me in the direction of Cricket Strength (Click on the image).

 They've got loads of ideas for things you can do over the winter that will build up your strength and agility ready for a new season and far better level of fitness that will enable you to bowl better potentially and decrease the chances of your sustaining injuries during the season.

Warming Up
Watching this video here featuring Shane Warne, Ian Healey and Ricky Ponting, Ian Healey mentions the fact that before he goes live and bowls to Healey and Ponting, Warne has already bowled 6 overs off camera to ensure that when it comes to doing it for real live he gets it pretty much right.

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